Thursday, September 24, 2009

Preschool Schedule Breakdown

Pre-K Class Schedule

8:00 Center Time – Centers include different activities for children to work on small motor, math & language skills such as lacing, building, patterning, writing, cutting, tracing, color & shape recognition.

8:30 Snack – Snack time is a great time for children to work on table manners and nutrition. We serve healthy breakfast oriented snacks each day.

9:00 Circle Time- Circle time is where the children work on language and listening skills through music and reading. This is the time where the classes do the calendar, question of the day, songs of the week and letter of the week. The children also work on spelling their names.

9:30 Recess and Free Play- Recess is the time for large motor skill enhancement. We have a large playground with bikes, climbing structure, gravel for digging, grass for running, covered awning for games when it rains and of course THE BOUNCE HOUSE!

10:00 Circle time and curriculum (art, math, science, music, language arts, cooking, social studies, health & safety) This is where we really focus on the letter of the week and work on creative skills and expression through mediums such as painting, drawing, coloring etc.

11:00 Lunch- Lunch is provided by the parent, we have refrigerators and microwaves in each classroom.

11:45 Recess and Free Play

12:30 Nap (not required but an available option for any child enrolled in our program.)

2:30 Afternoon Snack

3:00 Afternoon activities such as center times or creative projects, these are child initiated where they can choose what they would like to do.

Please note this is used only to structure our day. There may be times when one activity will take more or less time than scheduled. Also we are open at 6:30am and close at 6:00pm for extended care needs!