Thursday, May 23, 2013

Alternatives To Yelling

1. Run around the house (big-time endorphins boost).

2. Start talking gibberish. (Kids laugh and stop pummeling each other).

3. Bang arms on chest like a gorilla ( a good release and great entertainment for children).

4. Pull out family photo album. (Takes everyone to a happy, smiley place.)

5. Yell into a closet. (Closets don't have feelings. Neither do cabinets.)

6. Think things could be worse. (Yes, he's on the table, but he isn't swinging from the chandelier. Yet.)

7. Text a friend announcing you're going to lose it. (Hopefully he/she will write back. "Don't!")

8. Start a dance (adrenaline + fun). What's not to love?

9. Grab your hands together and squeeze (a great release!)

10. Whisper. (Don't know why this one works; it just does!)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Inspiring Creativity With Your Children

We each are born with a seed inside that wants to grow.  It is the seed of creativity.  And it is watered by questions.  Just to get you going I am going to give you my favorite question:

I wonder what would happen if…?

This is a particularly useful question when it comes to creating with kids.  It is a question that invites play and experimentation.  Use it often and explore the answer with your child.

15 “I Wonder What Would Happen If” Questions:

I wonder what would happen if:questions for creativity
  • We add water to this?
  • We take this outside?
  • We take turns doing this?
  • I stop talking?
  • I ask my child where I should put this?
  • I get out my own paper and give this a try?
  • We mix THIS with THAT?
  • We took a little break and came back to this later?
  • I just let my kid do this all wrong?
  • I turn on music while we do this?
  • I set out this other art supply near my child?
  • I only set out two colors?
  • We glue something to this?
  •  I simply say, “Oh?” and let my child talk about it.
  • We don’t do this the way the directions say we should? (Will the police show up?)
Creating naturally involves scary feelings as we try things we don’t know.  If you can take on a feeling of curiosity, it can help you move through the scary feelings and allow you to try something new.  You don’t have to take on something completely-wildly unfamiliar- the first step in creativity is allowing yourself to experiment just outside your current comfort zone.  The more practice you get at this, the stronger your creativity will grow, and eventually you will easily be able to say a big fat “YES, I AM CREATIVE!”

Water Play at Family Fun Night

Family Fun Night
Families come and enjoy a meal provided by one of our local churches. During the dinner, families are engaged in a craft, story or movie and a book or movie giveaway. The theme of the night is focused on the theme of the book or movie.
Family Fun Night is held on the 4th Wednesday of each month from 5:30pm-7:00pm (with the exception of December being the 1st Wednesday, January being the 3rd Wednesday and in November there isn’t one due to the holidays).
The Paradise Ridge Family Resource Center received a grant from Target to provide free books to children at Family Fun Nights held each month.
Please call the Paradise Ridge Family Resource Center for more information at (530) 872-3896.