Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Help End Bedtime Blues

For many parents"Bedtime"and the routines that go with it can be a time of frustration and annoyance instead of the warm, fuzzy, and loving connections they want it to be.  Asking for more water, additional trips to the bathroom, pleadings for another story or the ever insistent claim, "But I'm not tired" can leave a parent exasperated and at wits end about how to end the bedtime blues.

Slowdown Time.  Lower the energy level within the family.

Since children's brains don't shut down as quickly as adults, make sure to reduce the activity level of the entire family.  No loud music, stimulating TV or other technology.  Now is not the time for chores or beginning a project.   Start this process anywhere from 30-45 minutes before you want them in their rooms.  Establishing a pattern of downtime is an indication the day is winding down and helps to signal the child's brain to make that transition.  Adjust this time to what works best for your family.

excerpt from Janada Clark, MA Parent Educator

Thursday, December 13, 2012

An Imperfect Christmas....Holiday greetings

What was your best Christmas as a kid?

Was it the one where there was a lot of stress about a perfect meal elegantly served-on time-to a perfectly dressed family?

Or was it the one where the dog pulled the turkey off the stove and dragged it away through the dog door?  There was no perfect meal that day.  Everyone rolled with the punches.  They rolled up their sleeves and worked together in the kitchen to salvage a makeshift meal.

The beauty of that memory is not in perfection and organization, but in remembering the joy of being together and doing things together.   It was the laughter.  It was one of those days when the choices were to laugh or to cry, so you all laughed it off and enjoyed one another.  It brought you all together in a different way.  

Holidays are times for enjoying one another.  We are not suggesting that you purposely feed the turkey to the pets, but we strongly suggest that an imperfect day with little stress will create better memories of loving relationships.

Moral of the story?  I hope you spend most of your time enjoying your family and friends and not sweating all the details.  I wish you a joy-filled holiday season, good health and fun times with your loved ones!

excerpt from Janada Clark, MA

Important Tax Information

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December 2012

December 2012

Dear Pee Wee Parents,                                                                 
  I hope you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving with your loved ones.  We have been having a fun time here celebrating the holiday and we are looking forward to the Christmas season.
You may have noticed our new signs out front to help slow drivers down in our parking lot.  We ask that you be conscious of this when driving here and make sure that you are NOT parking on the curb when dropping off or picking up your child. 
I am asking that all accounts be paid in full by Friday December 21st for the year.  I will be sending home notices this next week on how much is due for December.  This will allow us to do your year end totals without a balance due.  All payments are due the first day of your child’s attendance each week.  We accept payments in cash, check or credit card, we can also set up automatic weekly payments.   
We will be open Monday December 24th for normal schedule. We will be closed Christmas Day and the week following through New Years Day.  We will open back up on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013.  The only paid holidays during this week are Christmas Day and New Years Day.  
The winter weather is upon us.  Our facility will remain open throughout severe weather as long as we have power.  When the schools are closed due to snow or ice we will be open to take children for full day care. Please be careful in the parking lot during icy and severe weather conditions, watch your step and watch for other drivers.

Just a quick reminder that it is very important that we have correct contact information for you.  Please make sure to update our information with any new work numbers or cell phone numbers.  It is also very important that we have at least 3 contact numbers in case of emergency. If your primary phone number is your cell phone and you have forgotten it or don't have service please call us to let us know how to get a hold of you that day.  When your child is sick or in need of immediate assistance please make sure that someone will be available to come quickly.  
Please remember to check your child’s class website for updates and for the weekly pictures.  We update the pictures throughout the week and it is a great way to keep up on what your child is doing in their class. Please share this site with your child as well, which should initiate some great conversations about what they are doing and who their friends are. The picture pages are password protected.  Please let me know if you need the password.  You can access the pictures by going to and clicking on parent connection at the top of the page.  
We have added a website for Pee Wee Plus.  This is where you can find information about our school age program. The web address is .  We hope this new way of connecting with your child is enriching your experience here at Pee Wee.
I look forward to serving all our families in 2013.  Have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
Happy Holidays!
Kim Taylor
Pee Wee Preschool