Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What are they learning?

Ever see something your child does at school and wonder what in the world they could be learning from that? Katie O'Neil put together the following article that gives great examples for the skills simple activities provide!

What is your child learning during these fun projects?


  1. Small Motor Skills
  2. Large Motor Skills
  3. Description Vocabulary
  4. Colors-Mixing Primary to Make Secondary
  5. Sensory Experience
  6. Textures – Oobleck changes from one texture to another
  7. Autonomy

Fence Painting

  1. Large Motor Skills
  2. Creativity
  3. Colors and Mixing
  4. Spacial Relations
  5. Sharing Space with Others
  6. Autonomy


  1. Sequencing
  2. Small/Fine Motor Skills
  3. Developing Small Muscles Needed for Writing
  4. Hand-Eye Coordination
  5. Cooperation – Sharing Items
  6. Vocabulary
  7. Concentration
  8. Autonomy

Blocks and Geo Boards

  1. Patterns and Sequencing
  2. Shapes
  3. Size Relation
  4. Large Motor Skills
  5. Small Motor Skills
  6. Categorizing Skills
  7. Step-by-Step Operations
  8. Natural Consequence – When the tower is knocked down
  9. Autonomy

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Inside a Toddler’s Brain

A funny illustration of what every parent of a toddler experiences! Enjoy your day!

Inside a Toddler’s Brain